I help businesses and brands, both large and small, grow their digital presence in a variety of ways:

Content Creation:

Creating is my favorite thing to do and I feel so lucky that I’ve been able to pursue a career doing just that! From creating social media images or infographics to writing PDFs to send out for lead nurturing, it’s my passion. I especially love seeing it in action, helping the companies I’ve worked for achieve their goals.

Link to my writing samples and graphic design pieces

Social Media:

Captivating and engaging audiences through social media is where I shine. I have 5 years of professional experience managing the social media networks and campaigns of many businesses, large and small.

Link to my social media stats and content

Digital Marketing:

I am incredibly passionate about building momentum towards my clients’ business goals, whatever they may be. I know how to deliver authentic value to client audiences, achieve meaningful interactions between people and brands, and stimulate community growth.

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