About Caitlin J

When it comes to your brand and its online image, let me take care of it!

About This Site: Here, you’ll find what I’m working on now, previous accomplishments, writing samples, and my digital marketing skills and certifications.

What I Can Do: I have a knack for designing and creating content, whether it’s media or writing. I love the challenge that comes with harnessing the power of SEO and digital marketing to make my content even stronger.

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In the most broad terms, create and grow.

Since moving to Austin, Texas in 2016, I have been able to grow on a professional level that I never thought possible. Opportunities have been coming my way left and right and each one continues to foster my professional growth.

I’d love to work with you and your business next! Contact me and let’s set up a time to talk!

In the past, I’ve help these brands connect and grow:

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